Contact: Dawn Ravelo
Windward Oahu Sunris
916E Auloa Rd.
Kailua, HI  96734
United States of America

Volunteering at Kapalai is an experience that takes you back in time to the days of the kuaʻāina when caring for the ʻāina and producing food were the norm. Learn the traditional way of cultivating kalo and what it takes to be a mahiʻai (farmer) of this important food source in today’s modern world.

Let's get dirty and help preserve Hawaii's history and environmental legacies! This project will feature work in lo'i, pulling weeds out of the taro patches, recirculating the mud, and connecting with our 'aina. Volunteers will get knee deep in the action!

You might experience hot sun or pouring rain. Be prepared for both. The lo’i is located in the headwaters of Kawainui Marsh and is a natural wetland with all kinds of wildlife. Expect to encounter tadpoles, guppies, frogs and a variety of beautiful bird species. You will have an incredible encounter with nature in a beautiful and serene setting. The work is challenging and the mud is deep. Integrated into your day will be meaningful Hawaiian values and lessons to make your time rich and memorable.

Bring an adventurous spirit, towel, old and comfortable clothes (shorts and t-shirt) - old swimsuits are best to wear underneath your clothes to make rinse off easier, plastic bag for wet clothes, water bottle, hat, no shoes required in lo’i.

Lunch will be provided after by Kailua's own Global Village boutique.