District Governor Phil Sammer is scheduled  to address the Rotary Club of Windward Oahu Sunrise on August 6th to discuss our goals for the coming year.  Among other things, DG Sammers will cover new membership outreach so as to continually grow our Rotary club so as to provide the continuity of service and leadership that makes Rotary such an effective force for good worldwide and in our local community. 

DG Sammer will also discussion retention of current members.  Every club member needs to have a reason to stay in the club, an assignment that demonstrates his or her importance and value to the club. 

He will hightlight the many new clubs being formed today that are E-Clubs that have their bases on the internet. Their members “meet” electronically by logging onto a website and reading the current program posting. This can be done any time during the week.

Members also gather for periodic socials and service projects, and our Club has many of these.  We will be letting DG Sammer know our club's goals for the coming year and taking our lead from his vision for Service Above Self.  Image