The life of a caregiver
Nov 22, 2022
Gary A. Powell, ED of The Caregiver Foundation
The life of a caregiver

Gary A. Powell, NCG, CLTC, LUTCF, has been the Executive Director of The Caregiver Foundation since 2008.  His background includes a range of experience including development of retail and commercial businesses, teacher, theatre producer, musician, advisor specializing in aging and disability management, insurance and investment advisor and always caregiver.  In his capacity as Executive Director of The Caregiver Foundation he often serves individuals as Personal Representative, Agent, Guardian and Conservator.  He currently is the Executive Director of The Caregiver Foundation. 



Mr. Powell has authored more than 70 articles, books, workshops and presentations on topics related to aging, living with disabilities and caregiving.  Throughout his life he has worked to make the lives on individuals better, less anxious and more fulfilling.  Founding the Caregiver Foundation allowed him to combine his many areas of experience and expertise into a comprehensive service model serving seniors, adults living with disabilities and their caregivers.  Through caregiver support groups, caregiver planning, financial management, management of care services, estate administration and serving individually for those needing compassionate management of life affairs, Gary works with clients throughout our Hawaiian Islands and virtually across the mainland, in Asia and Europe. 


Mr. Powell is a Nationally Certified Guardian, a member of the National Association of Social Workers, the Hawaii Pacific Gerontological Society, the Brain Injury Association of Hawaii, American Association of Daily Money Managers and many other professional and community organizations.